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Small business entrepreneurs are at a disadvantage when it comes to understanding bookkeeping and the operations of the business from an accounting perspective. We provide accurate, thorough bookkeeping with solid numbers that are backed up by supporting documents.

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We are passionate about organizing and cleaning up prior processes that may need to be overhauled, implementing processes that reduce costs and create efficiencies. We cater to each company’s needs to ensure the most efficient software and apps are utilized to produce a reduction in overall expenses.

About Marilynn Bell

Marilynn Bell Accounting is a Vancouver-based accounting firm on a mission to provide quality bookkeeping and tax services to businesses. The team is proud to bring decades of professional knowledge and experience to each client interaction. Our ability to master the numbers and offer practical financial advice is how we are successful in building long-lasting relationships. We are mobile-savvy and love coaching clients on how to use mobile technology to increase efficiency and save money.

“We are driven by our mission to provide business owners with the highest quality of bookkeeping and customer service.”

— Marilynn Bell, Founder & CEO

Marilynn Bell

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We provide the best customer service possible and going above and beyond what is asked of us, to ensure the best customer experience.

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